Sunday, 18 December 2011

The LAst Week.

yah..the last week..the 14th week..glad that another semester will be over, and exam is just around the corner, yet still there a few assignments need to be finished up, may all the matters made easier by Him, as students almost all our time will be spent for academic matters (world matter), so to make it values for our Hereafter, set the intention in our heart to do it as devotion to ALLAH, bismillahirrahmanirrahim, reminder to me myself.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Give Contribution..!

Eventually I feel excited to write on this blog, haha...
Be patient to my babbling ya, hehe..

Actually I and my beloved housemate,hehe, will be involve in 'Gotong-Royong Memasak' activity held by Rakan Surau Al-Falah. It is for tonight's Mahabbah Mabruk ceremony, a kind of giving rewards to Rakan Surau's members who have achieved excellent results last semester. Alhamdulillah for still be selected to give contributions to good deeds, as I will be given merit's share in Akhirat by Him, InsyaALLAH..=D

Big Relief!

Good Sunday!
First of all, alhamdulillah for still given breath and guidance to continue my life. And alhamdulillah too for the two most scary matters in my course are all over. They are SLA Presentation & Silat Praktical Test. Alhamdulillah...although personally I do not really satisfy with the performances, but that were the best that I can do at the time, and all past is past, just give hope to Him, may we get the best from that.
Seriously SLA is the scariest subject I have ever taken in UPSI, can't you imagine it, during the lecture, everyone just sit quietly and not even dare to spill out any word. Trying their best to give full attention to each word she said, haha, include those who are never pass the free time with friends without talking, hehe, but actually I got much from it, I feel that should be for, specifically for university students. They will be given high expectation and very difficult assignments and they solve themselves, and prepare deadly the best for the presentation, that make the university students as university students. Feel the challenges and hardness to fulfill the tasks.
So do for the Silat Practical Test, personally I also do not agree with the pile up syllabus that makes students stress to remember each and all steps that will be questioned randomly during the test. Stressful! No much enjoy. But after has been thought after that, if we are university students, we should be given something that beyond our 'current abilities' (we think) so we can make efforts to achieve it and by the time it's over we will realise that we have improved at self-values.
So thanks a lot to my lecturers! May Allah always bless you..=D

miss him


Just want to share this.. let's listen and feel it...=D


huh? After looking again at my beloved blog (is it? hehe), I'm a bit shocked, 28 Nov? I feel that it just a while since last updating the blog, so fast time running hah... emm actually I don't know what else to babble about, hehe... just to share kind of anxious feeling because time is running so fast! I afraid that all the religion obligations and responsibilities towards my beloved religion I cannot finish by the time I have to meet Him.. oo Allah, keep me in strength and Your guidance to finish up the obligations and put me in those who get Husnul Khotimah, may my families, teachers, friends, muslims and myself would be consistently under your truth guidance, amiin2.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Salam... meet again...

ya..havoc... that's the word... weeks after midsem holidays would surely are the havoc weeks...
with everything in my one mind.... like 'fibre roots'..frayed in my mind...
Sometime I feel like 24 hours isn't enough... and I would like to be like Nasha Aziz in Supermak, can do anything very fast.... or duplicate to another Hamidah..hehe.. In my house now are the faces like the word 'tension & stress' written in their forehead...
but I remember one of the Al-Quran verses, which means that Allah did give tasks to His servants proportionately to their ability. So, just have confident, we can do and cover all over it!
Put your dependence to Him and do lots of prayers, as He is the One who have power on everything...


Monday, 21 November 2011


Assalaamu'alaikum warahmatullah...
Just a few words...
learning English is such a compulsory now...everywhere we go we cannot escape from facing English by hook and by crook, we have to at least understand what people say and able to say simple sentences, like greetings. This is reality. Maybe we don't really see the important right now but at certain in the future we'll be so grateful for going through hard time during EC class..:P So, let's make a spiritful move to learn English!

Sorry for the babbling!:P